Souvenir Book

Hi Everyone,

Unfortunately we did not get anywhere near enough responses to move forward with the Souvenir Book at this time. The DRAM executive would like to thank those of you that got your information in. We will decide in the next couple of weeks on how to proceed from here.



New Look!

Hello there,

I hope you like the look of this new theme. There is more work to do but the main features are up and running. There are a few things I still want to address, and will get to them as time and energy permits.



2018 Souvenir Book

Hey Everyone,
The February 3rd deadline for the Souvenir Book information is approaching quickly. If you are interested in having your car/cars in the book, then please get you pictures and info sheets to us as soon as possible. Send to also if you require any additional information, email or message on the Facebook page.

Upcoming Meeting

        Hi everyone ,

Folks, here is the agenda for the upcoming meeting on Thursday Jan.18/18

Financial Report
WoW/ Car Shows
Souvenir Books
Drag Race Clinics
Ron Phillips Memorial Race
Contingency Payouts
Events Co-ordinater
Points Co-ordinater
Meeting Schedule

See you all there!



2018 Souvenir Book

         Hello Everyone,

We are going to be printing a Souvenir Book again this year. An email with the details was sent out to everyone I had an address for. If you didn’t receive an email and are interested in  being apart of it, please email me at and I will get the information to you. We need your information back by Feb. 03/18 so don’t wait too long.




Hello DRAM Supporters,

Here are the results of Thursdays AGM, your executive for the 2018 season is as follows:

President – Ryan Hanson

Vice President – Glen Novakowski

Secretary/Treasurer – Deb Gruner

Executive Member-at-Large – Kevin Lundy

Membership and Media C0ordinator – Vern Barton

Events Coordinator – Tabled

Points Coordinator – Tabled

 Jr. Dragster Rep – Brandy Wruck

No Box Rep – Carol Brown

Box Rep – Mike Hawco

The DRAM Community Team.