Baseline Dragway Event Postponed

Baseline Dragway are postponing their  drag racing event until October 15 and 16th due to the great risk of rain this coming weekend. We are sorry to inconvenience anybody but we really do want you to come and be able to enjoy the whole weekend without rain and be able to drag race or watch the race. For those of you who reserved a pit your reservations will still be there for that weekend. If you are not able to attend, please contact us at 204-764-0825. Once again we are truly sorry that this is not going to happen this weekend, but we don’t want people travelling such a long distance just to arrive and sit in their trailers all weekend that’s no fun for anybody.


Jr - Interlake Dragway


Annual Banquet

Saturday October 22nd 2016


Copa Banquet Centre – Kildonan Motor Hotel

2100 Main Street Wpg

Cocktails 6:00 pm Dinner 7:00 pm

Tickets $35.00  Per Person

Get Your Tickets NOW!!

Available from any DRAM Executive Member

Doug Kendall –

Rich Bedford-

Steven Hudey –

Don Goodfellow –

Brandy Wruck –

Drag Racers Association of Manitoba would like to announce the 2016 DRAM 50/50 Winner 


Congratulations to Red Ries of Gladstone Manitoba for winning the 2016 DRAM  Annual 50/50 Draw



Presidents Message – 2016
Thank you to the membership for electing me for a second term as president of the Drag Racers Association of Manitoba for the 2016 season. I certainly appreciate the confidence and support that I have received over the year. I will do my best to deserve and maintain your support.

I sincerely want to recognize the efforts of the past year’s executive. Each of them showed huge commitment to D.R.A.M. and contributed immensely to some very successful events. They all believed in fostering a vibrant and community spirited club. It was my pleasure to work with them.

I would be remiss if I didn’t express gratitude on behalf of the executive for the great support that we received from many members… from regular attendance at meetings to selling event & 50/50 tickets to providing prizes / trophies, food and even a fancy barbeque trailer for the Ron Phillips BBQ. We even had some members lend us their tents for that event!
It is group participation that makes a club strong and fun to be part of. Thanks to everyone who got involved, even in what they may consider to be a small way.

Now, for the results of the December 10 election night, here is your new executive board.

The board did not change a lot, but a couple of members stepped aside and a couple more accepted new board roles.

Myron Naumik resigned his position as Junior Rep so that he can focus on what he does best as Interlake Dragway’s stalwart starter as well as manage his busy work and home schedule. There is no doubt that he will continue to be a huge help to the club whenever he is called on.
I would like to thank Myron for his personal contributions to the club and welcome his future participation.

Jennifer Stelmach, who I affectionately refer to as the “real boss of DRAM” has made her final decision to “retire” from her long standing position as Treasurer.
For any of you who don’t know, Jen is one of the founding members of DRAM when it was conceived way back in 1993. For the past 21 years, she has demonstrated her love for drag racing and an undeterred commitment to our club.
It is a little scary when the “fiscal guru” steps away from the books, but Jen will be coaching our new Treasurer and me until we have a complete understanding of her accounting methods and the many other operational tasks that she so competently managed.
Thanks for your tireless dedication to DRAM Jen!

Doug Kendel has accepted the position as Vice President. He has demonstrated long term commitment to the Manitoba drag racing community as a racer and on many past executives, including his 2015 role as Member at Large.
Doug has keen business acumen and is very measured with his decision making skills. Those attributes, along with his “jump in” attitude and absolute sense of fairness for all, will certainly be key factors in the growing leadership strength of DRAM!

Deb Gruener has been re-elected for the position of Secretary. Deb stepped up to the plate in 2015, bringing a new and refreshing presence to the board.
No matter … if it was at an executive gathering or a general meeting, she could be seen with her signature laptop … tapping the keys for incredibly accurate accounts of the minutes and procedures. Then she would get the information to the club pronto!
Not only was she efficient with the scribing, but Deb was a major contributor to all decision making that involved the club. Her morals and sense of fair play predominantly influence her input in every case.
For the 2016 term, Deb has accepted the dual role as Treasurer too. The entire board has the utmost confidence that she will bring total professionalism and accuracy to this position. More importantly, Jen Stelmach has put her mark of approval on this appointment! Jen is completely convinced that Deb is competent to take over the duties that she so painstakingly developed over the years and will coach her for success. With the help of the entire executive, there is no doubt that Deb is the best choice to get the job done.

Steve Hudey will assume the position of Media Coordinator once again. He has accomplished building a better website with the existing one that we have and has been mandated to develop a new one for the 2016 season. His focus is to create something vibrant and interesting that all members and guests will enjoy browsing and using as an information hub.
Steve recently set up a DRAM Facebook page (Drag Racers Association of Manitoba) to create another communication link for our members. He is striving to improve how we get the message of drag racing out to anyone who is interested and is making great inroads in his endeavor.

Don Goodfellow has held just about every post on the DRAM executive over many, many years and has now accepted the job as Member at Large. His racing resume goes way back and he knows what makes racers tick. As well, he understands the fundamentals of the executive function and how we best serve the racing community.
His vision of a fun and safe environment for all racers, their families and fans is unwavering. His beliefs and experience makes him a true asset to the DRAM executive.

Rich Bedford has been re-elected as the DRAM Points Coordinator as well as the Membership Coordinator. Rich’s vast experience in the world of drag racing and his grasp of managing statistics makes him the best choice for the points compilation job. As well, his “heart” for the club and its development sets his undisputed qualification for the membership building duties.

Tim Richards has accepted the position of Pro Eliminator Rep (previously known as Box Rep). His experiences of campaigning in a multitude of “big show” events as well as racing every class at home through his extensive racing career and his tenure as a track owner perfectly qualify Tim for this position. His knowledge of drag racing rules and management, fairness in judgment, and a willingness to offer constructive, balanced opinions, along with an unmatched passion for the sport make him the right choice to represent this class.

Wes Griffiths once again maintains his position as Sportsman Rep (formerly known as No Box Rep). His knowledge of the rule book and his dedication to fair play for all, along with his friendly demeanor make for well-considered outcomes for any situation.
Wes is always “first” to step up to the plate whether it is to contribute to club activities and decision making or to help out a fellow racer. He is a real asset as a rep and a board member.

Andy Heiber is our newest board member as he has accepted the Junior Dragster Rep role. He and his wife Amanda have two kids in the junior program and you can spot Andy in his Firebird or on his Ducati any test & tune day.
Andy played in the Saskatchewan International Raceway sandbox for a whole bunch of years before relocating his family to here from Martensville, SK two years ago.
Andy says that he has felt so welcome by the racers and Interlake Dragway staff that he is happy to “give something back” to the community by serving on the board. On behalf of the entire DRAM community, we welcome Andy to this executive.

The Events Coordinator position will be additional to my role as president. Being the Manager & Host of Cruisin’ the Peg and having a plethora of contacts in the car world, I will arrange for exposure for our club at local car shows and major events such as World of Wheels and Rodarama.

To sum up the attributes of this year’s executive, I am looking forward to take the lead of this restructured team! I know that I can depend on their support to carry on the road to take DRAM to new levels with a continued focus on strong fiscal development, clarity of procedures and club expectations, relationships with track operators and officials, relationships with our sponsors and a fun environment for our members.

Our goal is still to make sure that the social aspect of DRAM is our main priority, so that you … the members have a great time at club activities and while at the track.

I would like to encourage all of you to participate in our fund-raising efforts, Souvenir Program 2016 and any of our on and off track functions as well as to proudly support the building of the future of the Drag Racers Association of Manitoba.

Enjoy your winter! Looking forward to a fun 2016 season!
Feel free to contact me with your ideas or comments at
Dale Hickey
Drag Racers Association of Manitoba