DRAM Contingency Payout

You must be a DRAM Member prior to competition, and must display a DRAM Decal on the race car, sled or motorcycle that you are competing with. Decal will be provide upon request.

Payouts are as follows:

$100.00 for either a Divisional or National Event win.

$50.00 for a Regular Track Event win. 

The following criteria must be met to receive contingency:

 Must be a sanctioned race and track (IHRA or NHRA)

 Member must advise DRAM president via email prior to the event that they are participating in.

Provide Event name, track, location and date, as well as class they will compete in.

Member must submit proof of their win. A digital picture that we can post on the DRAM website can be sent to the DRAM media co-ordinator.

Award will be paid by cheque once the win advisory is received by DRAM